Tom Plant

University Centers and Institutes

Key Topics

  • Climate Change
  • Colorado Politics
  • Greenhouse Gases
  • Sustainability
  • Transportation and Energy

Tom Plant is a Senior Policy Advisor in the Center for the New Energy Economy. His work explores the causes of global climate change as well as transportation and energy solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Plant is the former Director of the Governor’s Energy Office during the Ritter Administration, and Colorado House District 13 Representative from 1998-2006. During this time he served two years as chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, one year as chairman of the Joint Budget Committee, and he sponsored the Colorado Renewable Energy Act. Plant was named Legislator of the Year by both the University of Colorado and the Sierra Club of Colorado, and he was the recipient of both the Green Sense Award for Environmental Leadership from Colorado Conservation Voters and the Champion of the Family Farmer Award from the Rocky Mountain Farmer’s Union.

Plant holds an undergraduate degree from CSU. In addition to his aforementioned previous roles, he is the former executive director of the Center for ReSource Conservation in Boulder.

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