Dennis Ojima



Key Topics

  • Carbon Accounting Methods
  • Climate Change
  • Forest Carbon Sequestration
  • Global Change Effects on Ecosystems

Dr. Dennis Ojima is a Professor in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability, a Senior Research Scientist for the Natural Resource Energy Laboratory, and a Senior Scholar at the Heinz Center for Science. His research focuses on global change effects on ecosystems; specifically, climate and land use changes on ecosystems, carbon accounting methods for forest carbon sequestration, and adaptation and mitigation strategies to climate change. Ojima was instrumental in the multi-institutional consortium effort to host the North Central Climate Science Center at CSU for the Department of the Interior, and he serves as Principal Investigator. His involvement in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment earned him the 2005 Zayed International Prize for the Environment and the 2007 International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Nobel Peace Prize. Ojima is an Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellow and serves on the Human Dimensions of Global Change and the Board for International Scientific Organizations for the National Research Council.

Ojima received his B.A. in Botany from Pomona College in 1975. He earned his M.A. in Botany from the University of Florida in 1978, and his Ph.D in Rangeland Ecosystem Science from CSU in 1987.

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