David Anderson



Key Topics

  • Biodiversity
  • Conservation
  • Distance Sampling and Analysis Theory
  • Exploitation Theory
  • Natural Areas
  • Natural Heritage
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Population Dynamics
  • Rare Species in Colorado
  • Survival Experiments

Dr. David Anderson is a Professor in the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology. His areas of expertise include population dynamics; distance sampling and analysis theory and applications; survival experiments; exploitation theory; analysis and inference models for bird or banding or fish tagging data and open population capture-recapture data; and the philosophy of science. Anderson was awarded the Aldo Leopold Memorial Award and Medal by the Wildlife Society in 2004.

Anderson is a CSU alum, earning his B.S. in Wildlife Management in 1964 and his M.S. in Wildlife Biology in 1967. He received his Ph.D in Theoretical Ecology from the University of Maryland in 1974.

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